RNG Simulator is an application that allows you to play with different monster's drop rates. It uses a simple algorithm that takes in a list of items with weighted values and generates a random number, resulting in a "random" item drop.
The rarity of items per monster replicates the exact rarity from Old School RuneScape.
All drop table data is fetched via the osrsbox API.
All images of monsters are from the oldschoolrunescape.wiki
For suggestions, feedback or concerns contact me at osrsrngsimulator@gmail.com

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Future Development

- Drop rates for things like clue scrolls and raids as well as the "Rare and Gem drop tables" and Pets will be added in the future.
- Grand exchange prices & total loot value will be added in the future.
- Item drops that currently contain a range in quantity will instead select a random quantity within the range.


Currently, the application does not take into account the "Rare and Gem drop table" or drops that should be multi-rolls. This will be addressed eventually.
Certain drops display a range in quantity, this may lead to undesired calculations.
Items with a 100% chance of receiving are not shown as well as some other unique items:
  • Looting Bag
  • Bones from the Rag and Bone Man quests
  • Larrans key
  • Elite Reward Casket
  • Elite Clue Scroll
  • Dark Fishing Bait
  • Dark Totem Base
  • Dark Totem Top
  • Ancient Shard
  • Slayer's Enchantment
  • Dark Totem Middle
  • Feathers
  • Big Bones
  • Bones
  • Ashes
  • Zulrah Scales
  • Superior Dragon Bones
  • Blue Dragon Hide
  • Brimstone Key
  • Black Dragon Hide
  • Dragon Bones
  • Key (Elite)
  • Ecumenical key